El Niño Is Knocking, Are You Prepared?

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September 17, 2015
Roofing Companies Busier Than Ever Because of El Niño
November 18, 2015

Many reporters are alluding to the late 1990s to talk about this era’s El Niño, the above-normal sea surface temperatures that are already beginning to develop in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean. But while the approach might be criticized as a means to scare Americans into thinking about how they will handle the powerful phenomenon, many experts are avoiding to stay mum on how El Niño will actually impact California.

The weather changes linked to the phenomenon happen every two to five years, but the results don’t necessarily depend only on the event itself. According to experts, it may vary depending on the location of warm water temperatures.

Until now, experts have only focused on how this era’s El Niño will compare to the 1997-1998 event by saying this year’s will be one of the stronger El Niños we’ve seen in the past five decades. To California residents, that means we’ll be seeing a lot more of rain and snow, something the state hasn’t experienced in a major way since the late 1990s.

According to AccuWeather’s meteorologists, California’s weather will change dramatically during the winter months, requiring a lot more attention from homeowners and drivers.

As the volume of rain and snow increases, residents will face structural issues. Flash flooding could be a problem for most drivers, and structural issues with people’s homes could also turn into a nightmare for locals. But the rain itself is not the only obstacle when the effects of El Niño become visible; mudslides will become a devastating problem for home and property owners.

In areas where Californians saw the most amount of wildfires during the year of 2015, mudslides could be particularly troublesome.

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