FiberTite Roofing

FiberTite Roofs Stand The Test of Time

FiberTite has been protecting buildings for more than 35 years. FiberTite is tougher, lighter and more flexible than other roofing options. See how FiberTite has proven itself in all conditions across the country.

Our Warranty Demonstrates Our Belief in FiberTite

The true cost of a roof can often be seen in the real value offered by the warranty. The FiberTite® roofing membrane warranty proves that we know it provides decades of reliable protection, but performance is more important than the number of years a warranty covers. We know you don't need the downtime, damage or hassle that comes when a roof fails. More than 99% of all FiberTite roofing membranes ever installed are still protecting buildings. Our roof warranty commitments amount to far less than one-half of one percent of our annual sales – a level we're told is the lowest in the industry.

Permanent Roof is a rpoud installer of FiberTite Roofs

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