Professional Certifications

Permanent Roof is honored to be one of the few Self-Certified Contractors in Los Angeles. Under this program, Permanent Roof is authorized to install Class “A” re-roof systems on single family residences in the City of Los Angeles without having to go through the Permit process. Instead, a Certificate of Compliance is prepared and, upon completion of your project, a Certificate is issued by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, completed by Permanent Roof. Rewarding consistent, high-quality workmanship, this Program saves time and money for the City, the homeowner, and the Contractor. Please call us for more information, or contact us

Advantages of being a Self Certified Contractor:

1. As we tear off existing roof systems, we are able to continue the roof installation without delays created by city inspections which leaves less downtime and less time for weather vulnerablitity.

2. On pitched roofs, where new plywood is called for to be installed, we do not have to wait for nailing inspections, which gives us an advantage to waterproof your residence as the roof substrate is being prepared, leaving less vulnerability to the weather and less time to actually install your roof.

Permanent Roof is also:

  • Goldstar Certified installer for Certainteed© commercial roofing products.
  • Certified/approved installer for Polyglass© roofing products.
  • Certified through Fibertite to install all types of green roofing systems including all title 24 cool roof systems.
  • Certified applicators for Tropical acrylic products

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